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Tracy Camarano

All About Me

My name is Mrs. Camarano and I am the Senior English Teacher in Monte Vista.  This is my 16th year teaching. My focus in Monte Vista is to engage with my students on a daily basis and help guide them into becoming better students and individuals. I want them to believe in themselves and always know that anything is possible as long as they are determined and willing to put in the hard work. I believe that no matter what a student has gone through, success is the only option.  I will teach my students to set their goals high and then show them how to attain it.

Contact Information

Room: A1

Telephone Number: (949) 515-6900 x 3396


Conference Times: 8:00am-8:27am and 2:00pm-3:00pm or call to set appt.



1st Period - 5th Period: Monte Vista A1


Tracy Camarano ELA Teacher