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Extra Credit

At a rural cabin, you get water from a well using only a 4-gallon bucket and a 9-gallon bucket. In a single trip from the well to the cabin, what whole number gallon amounts of water could you bring back to the cabin?

There are no markings on the pails.  And, you can’t do any estimating or add any markings!

The easy ones are

4- fill up the 4-gallon bucket

9- fill up the 9-gallon bucket

13- fill up both buckets

Extra Hint- all gallon amounts 1-13 are possible.  For the credit, explain how to come up with the gallon amounts 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12.

Extra Extra Hint- 5- Fill up the 9 gallon bucket.  Pour 4 gallons into the 4 gallon bucket leaving 5 gallons in the 9 gallon bucket.
Give an explanation for how to come up with each gallon amount.

The correct answer will include all possible gallon amounts and the correct process for obtaining each gallon amount.

Write out the answers including the correct processes and email me the answers with procedures.

Brent Walske

About Me


This is my 18th year teaching (6 years elementary and 12 years high school).  I have 2 children, Benjamin and Juliet.  My mission is to help  every student that enters my classroom complete the high school math requirement and, when necessary, satisfy the  applied skills ( technology proficiency) requirement.  I also teach/sharpen computer skills that will improve a student's marketability in the workforce and efficiency as a college student. 

Trimester 1 2016/2017

September 6th through December 2nd.


Period 1-  CRC

Period 2-  CRC

Period 3-  CRC

Period 4-  Math

Period 5-  Math

Contact Information

I can be reached through email at or you can call to the computer lab A1 (949) 515-3396 and leave a message.  My conference period is from 2 pm to 3 pm. PLEASE DO NOT CALL DURING CLASS HOURS.  The best way to reach me for any question is through email.

Every 12 absences results in the loss of a credit.

Attendance  +  Effort  =  SUCCESS

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