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Khan Academy

Directions for Khan Academy

After you sign up for Khan Academy, you need to type in the class code (You get this code from me) on the coaches page.  This will allow me to track your progress and see how much credit you earn.  If you do not type in the code, you can not earn any credit.

Go here to get started.

Getting Help

There are 3 ways to get assistance on difficult/unknown skills.

1.  One-on-one instruction/tutoring from me.  This is the best and "most preferred" option.  I am here to teach you individually.  I will go over in detail how to complete each skill.  As an added bonus, I will usually complete up to 5 of your 20 problems.

*If for whatever reason you don't want my help, there are 2 other options.

2.  Clicking on the red I'd like a hint/show the solution button for any problem.  That information might be enough to get you going.  Problems done by using any of the hints/solutions will not give you credit for a completed problem.

3.  Watch the provided instructional videos (headphones are available).

The best, most comprehensive and individualized instruction will come from me. 

Raise your hand, and I will teach any skill to you.  This is not a class where you only do algebra skills you already know how to do.  You should be doing new algebra skills that require some instruction.  I am here to give you specific individualized instruction.  

If you are doing work outside of this classroom and the Khan Academy information isn't enough, you can internet search for help on specific Algebra topics.  

Completing a skill (check-hour of work)

You must correctly complete at least 20 problems per skill.  

To check each skill click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen.

Click on profile.

Click on progress on the left-hand side of the page.  Make sure the mission is set in the world of math and activity from range is correct.

Hover over each skill.  Click on the skill to show a breakdown of the problems you have done.  You must have 20 skills completed correctly (blue bar) to get credit for completing a skill.

If you need to do more problems, you can find that specific skill by typing in the name of the skill in the search area.  Click on it and do as many problems as you need to do to complete the skill.