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Physical Ed 2A Site Locker

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Physical Ed 2A

4th period PE/Fitness Lounge is a participation class similar to regular PE classes- students must engage in some type of physical activity in order to earn points each day. Outdoor horticulture activities, fitness routines, and nutrition studies are included in this class.

There is a maximum of 10 points possible each day of class, and this is awarded if a student is doing something for 50 minutes. If a student is active for half the time they earn half the points, 5 points. If a student does not participate or is not in attendance they will earn 0 points for the day. Every 100 points is a credit, so a student has the chance to earn a credit every 2 weeks.

Note to parents and students; do not get upset with your student when looking at school loop if the grade is not an A as all students recieve an A on the report card. The number of points is what is important to look at as that will indicate how many credits they will earn.

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