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Foundations of Scientific Inquiry


Units Of Study for the Course


   Unit 1 "Doing" Science- measurements and lab work

   Unit 2 Water ! Basics+ our Esturary

   Unit 3 Polluting ! Our Waters

   Unit 4 EM waves+cell phone radiation

   Unit 5 Bridges + Roller Coasters  

downloading barcode readers



BLANK Lab Write-Up Format

LABS+ Activities

1. Bubble Wand Shape

2. Paper Airplane 'wing flaps' (ailerons)

3. Density of chocolate

4. Analyzing local waters-testing water pH

5. Analyzing local soils

6. Hardwater-softwater lab

7. Carrot lab

8. National Geographic #1: Strange Days on Planet Earth - Troubled Waters

9.  National Geographic #2: Strange Days on Planet Earth - Troubled Waters

10. DiscoveryEducation videos  PART -A-

11. DiscoveryEducation videos PART -B-

12. Paper tower

13. Building a roller coaster

Getting to Know Lab Equipment

Today: 8/20/17